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Blue Diamond Colageno is proud to bring Colway, a Polish cosmetics and supplements brand, recognized in Poland and around the world, with a diamond-cutting experience that we have accumulated over more than a decade, supplying the market with innovative products on a global scale. These are cosmetics of the highest quality based on collagen with transdermal activity and unique dietary supplements - the mastery of an intelligent combination of the richness provided by Nature with the possibilities of ultramodern technology.

VISION and PASSION have been with us since the beginning of the COLWAY brand. Thanks to them, we are pioneers in implementing unprecedented products and solutions.

We finally give women a cosmetic with the world's shortest INCI composition, which does not fight the effects of the passage of time, but directly hits the main cause of wrinkles - collagen deficiency. Millions of its bottles distributed not only in Poland but all over the world have changed women's view on anti-aging prophylaxis. And when even patent protection did not stop the increasingly common imitation of Colway Natural Collagen; Platinum, Silver and Graphite - we were ahead of all competition by at least a decade, creating a masterpiece of biotechnology combining active substances that no one had been able to combine with living collagen proteins before.

To help you take better care of your health, we thoroughly test our product. COLWAY is a brand we recommend for its medical credibility, social impact, and good business practices.

We feel a responsibility to our community to make well-reviewed recommendations that have been reviewed and approved by our team of medical experts.

Choose our unique product today from our multiple range, which comes from freshwater streams in Poland using Silver Carp, essential in the regeneration of Natural Collagen!

The history of the company's establishment.

Thought I'd include an interview I did with the Euro Weekly News newspaper 30.03.2023


An interview with Beata Maria Kramoris: The leading lady behind Blue Diamond Colageno

Hi Beata – tell us a bit about yourself and Blue Diamond Colageno

My name is Beata and I am 52 years young.I have owned a few different businesses and spent time living in Tenerife and Poland before moving to Spain.

I have been using Colway products for over 10 years and my business, Blue Diamond Colageno, aims to provide customers with Colway’s exceptional qualitynatural collagen products that are sourced from fish skin, using their patented method.

Sounds amazing! Have you always wanted to run your own business and what brings you to Spain?

I've always wanted to have my own business, and I've had a few businesses in my life.I worked as an insurance agent, I had a small supermarket, and my own travel agency. I finished working in insurance to open my supermarket, which was doing really well until big supermarkets came into the area.

A friend who had been in Spain for a long time persuaded me to go there with her. We went to Malaga where I met my current partner who is English, he lived in Tenerife and we opened a travel agency there together. I’m a brave person who isn’t afraid to take risks and invest, so the business went in my name and I took care of the responsibilities. Unfortunately, Covid hit and we had to close the agency, we moved to Poland during the pandemic where we bought a house in the beautiful city of Krakow. However, it was too cold there so we decided to move back to sunny Spain!

We bought a house in Murla in March 2022 and the idea for opening Blue Diamond Colegano was born whilst visiting the hairdresser one day. Once again, my hairdresser praised my hair very much, what good structure it has and how shiny it is. She asked what shampoo I use and I had been using Colway’s hair thickening shampoo, this was the reason for my strong and healthy hair.

Why did you start the Blue Diamond Colegano and what is your background in the field?

About 10 years ago I had a lot of pain when moving and different doctors told me there was nothing wrong. That’s when I found Colway. I didn’t know who the company was but they had advertised collagen that can be applied to painful parts of the body. I ordered the best collagen from them, which was their Natural Platinum product, and I started rubbing it onto the aching parts of my body - I noticed the improvement right away.

Using this product with another collagen drink I had discovered , I was able to overcome my every day pain.Doctors later diagnosed me withthe incurable joint disease fibromyalgia (Lady Gaga have this affliction too ).

Colway products are helping me with my illness, because my disease also affects connective tissue due to the lack of collagen and central nervous system transmitters. This is why I have decided to share my experience and distribute these cosmetics, supplements and vitamins in Spain, because they are not only cosmetics, but medicines for many things.

Do you have any advice for aspiring businesswomen?

Don't be afraid to invest and believe in yourself. It’s always good to take on new challenges and, when you do, keep a smile on your face and be confident.

Learning languages is also another piece of advice I have, as well as taking care of how you look and feel.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Happy, very successful and running a  company that provides beauty cosmetics and supplements that help maintain youth and strength for  lots of people.